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Giftcards purchases

  • Giftcards4travel Ltd (Giftcards4travel)
  • Giftcards4travel Ltd (trading as Giftcards4travel) is a limited company registered in England & Wales, whose registered office and trading address is at
  • Stamford Road, South Luffenham, Rutland LE15 8NT It’s company registration number is 08094339 VAT number 137 7132 16
  • Both our gift cards & e-Gift cards are redeemable only on the Giftcards4travel website
  • Both our gift cards & e-Gift cards are valid for 24 months from purchase
  • Both our gift cards & e-Gift cards are non refundable once purchased
  • Giftcards4travel accepts no responsibility for lost of physical or e-Giftcards

Hotel Purchases

If you the consumer wishes to cancel a confirmed hotel booking, You will have to pay a cancellation charge that will vary depending on the type of Booking. The cancellation charges that will be applied are as follows:

  • For Non-refundable / non-changeable rooms, unless otherwise stated, you will be charged 100% of the booking of this accommodation type as a cancellation fee.
  • Subject to section above, if the cancellation of a hotel booking is made more than 7 (seven) days before you the customer is to arrive at the hotel then there is no cancellation charge applied (with the exception of Non-Refundable rooms).
  • If the cancellation of a booking is made 7 (seven) days or less before arrival at the hotel, then you will be charged 100% of the booking of this accommodation as a cancellation fee.
  • If the Cancellation Policy is displayed during the booking process, then you will be charged a cancellation fee specific to that Booking.

Please note that if you change the number of persons in the booking, the total price of the booking will be recalculated for the new party size and Giftcards4travel Ltd shall reissue the booking confirmation accordingly.

If you customer fails to check-in on time, the booking will be classed as a ‘No-Show’. The booking will be treated as cancelled and the Accommodation Principal’s cancellation charges will apply.

Transfer Products and Services

Please note that Giftcards4travel acts as an agent on behalf of the third party providers for which it offers a product or services. Any reservations you make on this Site will be directly with the third party provider whose products or services you are booking. If you use the Giftcards4travel booking facility on the Site particular booking conditions regarding availability, prices and cancellation may apply to each rate quoted and you should read carefully the rate details that are provided before proceeding to the “confirm or finalize” section. Any special needs must be notified to the third party provider in advance. 
Some third party providers may have additional terms and conditions which you should read carefully. Giftcards4travel sole responsibility to you in providing the on-line reservation service is to pass your reservation details entered on the Site to the Third Party responsible for providing your Transfer. Giftcard4travel shall not accept any liability for any loss or damage you may suffer or incur as a result of the incorrect processing of your reservation details by the third party provider to you or the service provided to you by the third party provider.

Car Hire Services

How do I update the details of my reservation?

If you would like to update the details of your reservation, we recommend that you do this at least 48 hours before the start of your hire, submit a modification request using the My Booking section. You can update details such as the main driver’s name and surname, the rental dates, and the category of the car. 
You can also add extras or various insurance policies. We will evaluate your request, check if the requested changes are possible or available, update your booking, and inform you about the updates in a confirmation email. 
If you would like to modify your booking after you have picked up the car, you will need to contact the car hire provider. You will find their phone number on your Voucher.

Am I going to get the exact vehicle that I booked?

Generally, we can not guarantee that you will be given a specific car model, only that the car will be of the specific category you have chosen. We can guarantee the fuel type, the number of passenger seats in the car, and the approximate amount of luggage space. The category of the vehicle will be indicated when you make your booking, and it will also appear in your Voucher. To see offers for only one specific car category, you can use the filter found at the top of the page of search results. 
If you want to be guaranteed a certain make and model of car, look for the Car Model Guaranteed badge in the search results or use the filter under Special Offers.

Can I extend my booking?

If you need an extension of your rental before picking up the car, contact our Customer Support team customer.services@giftcards4travel.co.uk , and, if possible, we will arrange to extend your reservation for you. If you would like to extend your booking after you’ve picked up the car, you will need to contact the car rental provider and follow their procedures. Giftcards4travel cannot extend a booking that has already begun. We can only create another reservation for you, but this means that you would have to return to the car hire facility to renew the hire agreement or collect a new car. If you have Full Coverage with us and you have extended the hire with the provider, we strongly recommend that you contact us and extend the coverage as well so you are fully protected for the remaining period of your rental.

Can I return the car later than my original drop-off time?

If you can not return your car at the agreed drop-off time, the first thing to do is to inform the car hire provider. If you will be arriving just an hour or two after the original drop-off time, it might be possible to drop off the car later than originally agreed. However, in this case, you will be charged for a full extra day. If you are more than two hours late or do not give prior notice to the rental company, you will be charged for one more day and might also be charged a fee for failing to return the car at the originally scheduled time.

Can I pick up the car earlier than originally agreed?

If you contact our Customer Support team in advance, we might be able to modify your booking so that you can pick up the rental earlier than originally agreed. If you do not contact us and instead go directly to the car rental provider, you might find that the car is not yet available, that the rental office is closed, or that they’re busy with another customer who was scheduled to come in before you. For these reasons, you might have to wait until the original pick-up time.

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

If your flight has been delayed, it is your responsibility to contact the car rental company and inform them of the delay. You will find their contact information on your booking voucher. If you are unable to contact the car provider, you can contact our Customer Support team and we’ll do our best to inform them. Bear in mind that if you do not arrive on time or do not inform the car rental company about the delay, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and considered as a no-show.
Please check in Rental Conditions to see what the grace period for your rental is. (Grace period is an extra amount of time you are given in case of being late.)
If your flight was cancelled, the first thing to do is to contact our Customer Support team. Inform us about the cancellation before the original pick-up time, and we will do our best to inform the car provider about your situation. We’ll also ask them to hold the car for you for pick-up the following day. Do note that you will still have to pay for the first day as the car was reserved for you.
We can also try to find a different car for you. In this case, the new price will usually be higher than the original price because the car will be needed within a short period of time. But we will give you a new Voucher without charging another prepayment.
In the event of a delayed or cancelled flight, we advise you to contact your airline to check the compensation procedure in the country where you’re travelling.
Bear in mind that flight delays and cancellations are out of our control and Giftcards4travel is not responsible for any problems or additional costs incurred due to airlines.

How do I cancel my booking? Is there a fee if I need to cancel my reservation?

In order to cancel your booking, you can email us at customer.services@giftcards4travel.co.uk. If the reason for cancellation is a change of flight or other plans, we can offer you the possibility of modifying your booking`s dates and times. If we are able to confirm what amounts are refundable according to when you request cancellation. If you contact us after the hire period has already begun, no booking-related payments are refundable.

What is the maximum period of hire?

In some countries, national legislation limits the length of hire contracts, often restricting them to 28 days or to a full calendar month. If you would like a longer hire period, it’s possible to make two or more separate bookings. However, this would require you to return to the pick-up location to drop off your car after the first contract ends and sign a new rental contract.
In some countries and situations, a hire period longer than 30 days is possible. Check the Rental Conditions or contact our Customer Support team to find out more about each specific hire car and case.

Why do I need to provide my flight number?

Your flight number is necessary to help the car provider track your arrival time, especially if someone from the hire company is supposed to meet you at the airport when you arrive. Without the flight number, the hire company may not know your exact arrival time or may be unaware that your flight has been delayed.
Be aware that some car hire providers may not track flight numbers, especially during the high season when they experience a high volume of reservations.
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