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Can You Buy Gift Cards For Travel?

July 21, 2022

Taking in the majesty of an unfathomably magnificent view, setting foot in a new region, or experiencing a life-changing chat with a native who resides thousands of miles away are just a few of the rewards of travelling that cannot be packaged as a present. It could take some time until we can visit our favourite places or embark on a new journey. It doesn't mean you can't offer the gift of travelling to a friend or close relative eagerly anticipating their upcoming excursion, whenever that will be.

Gift cards for travel can be helpful in this situation. Gift vouchers that facilitate travel to and from places or improve the experience there can be useful for you or a loved one. For those who enjoy travelling, numerous gift cards options are available, ranging from activity lessons to several hotel stays.

Here are some excellent travel-related gift card choices:

  • Lodging

You can help your nearest and dearest in offsetting their accommodation costs or getting an upgrade since rooms are frequently the most expensive element of a trip with a card. They provide their gift cards, as most hotel brands do. However, the preceding ones are suitable for properties belonging to numerous brands worldwide, from cost-effective low-cost lodging to lavish high-end housing.

Room card: This is a worldwide hotel gift card that may be used at 1 million establishments. They comprise 990 international brands plus thousands of individual hotels, flats, holiday rentals, cottages, and other accommodations. Generally, this card is perpetual. Offers discounted hotel as well as package reservations in tens of thousands of locations throughout the world. There are no charges or expiry dates for these cards.

Hotel gift: This serves 550,000 hotels worldwide, from affordable to luxurious, with over 140 labels. Choose between a digital card that may be customized, a handwritten note, or perhaps a video greeting and an e-card. After the purchase date, they are valid for 2 years.

Airbnb: 5.6 million homes can be listed on Airbnb across 100,000 cities worldwide.

  • Activities & Attractions

You can help your family or friends by paying for a trip or activity that you know they will enjoy and appreciate for a long time to come.

Activitygift: This can be used for the redemption of over 50,000 selections at more than 680 places worldwide. They can include museums and art galleries, tours and excursions, concerts, restaurants and bars, sporting events, and nightclubs. After the purchase date, these cards are active for 2 years.

Travelzoo: This website specializes in selling time-sensitive gift certificates for activities like wine tasting, sunset sailing, or museum entry. Between "Amazing Adventures," "Epic Escapes," "Zen Experiences," "Memorable Dining," and "Experiences for All," choose the category that best fits your present.

GetYourGuide: This card is valid in 3,600 locations around the world for over 60,000 customized regional tours, events, and attractions. For instance, there are 741 trips and excursions in London, 481 in New York, and 1,370 in Rome. The card is good for three years after the time of purchase.

XperienceDays: With XperienceDays, the receiver can pick from 1,500 adventures in 50 U.S. cities, including gourmet culinary tours, cooking lessons, golfing lessons, or skydiving. Upon purchase, the vouchers are good for one year.

  • Airtravel

What present can be more appreciated than the ability to fly? Most airlines, such as top choices American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, and Norwegian, provide gift cards, though not all do. Nevertheless, make sure to verify charges and expiry dates.

Flight gift: This cross-airline voucher  is valid for 300 local and foreign airlines to over 980 worldwide destinations, the receiver gets to choose the airline. However, note that after the purchase date, cards are good for 2 years.

  • Tours

A guided trip provides a no-brainer holiday, be it by land or through the sea, on an island or even in the mountains, in a famous city, or on remote trails. Numerous well-known travel agencies provide their gift cards and tickets. Besides, every business has its policies on what their card covers.

  • Theme Parks

Orlando's Disney and Universal Studios aren't simply for families and kids. Gift cards redeemed for parking tickets, accommodations, meals, and merchandise expenditures are available for newlyweds and couples on honeymoon. These cards don't have expiry dates and have no charges.

  • Cruises

A prepaid shore adventure, spa visit, or even a complimentary cruise will be gratefully received by the cruiser on your list. Handling expenditures and pre-arranged cruises are simple with these 6 significant lines: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America, and Princess. Whatever the cards cover, every division has its own set of regulations.

All in-one Giftcards4travel

Here at Giftcards4travel, we’ve got you covered with our range of travel gift cards.

We help travelling and sightseeing enthusiasts create beautiful moments with their loved ones.

We are a UK-based online travel gift cards company who cater to all your travel and exploration needs.

Our Travel Gift Cards are a quick, easy, and convenient present to purchase🌴 💙✈️.

You can choose from over 250,000 hotels worldwide, covering a range of hotel types from budget to luxury and boutique to suit your needs. We also have options to get you there from over 700 different airport locations around the globe.

Our cards can be redeemed against hotels, attractions, car hires and transfers.

How to Use Gift Cards

A gift card can be used as a mode of payment to purchase items at hotels, gas stations, chain outlets, and other establishments. The gift card is loaded with money that you or the receiver can use at places that accept it.

You can get closed-loop or open-loop gift certificates. Everywhere that type of card is acceptable, an open-loop gift card could be used. For instance, you might use a gift voucher bearing the Visa logo to make transactions everywhere Visa is allowed.

On the other hand, a closed-loop gift card is restricted to use at a particular business. For example, suppose you buy a gift certificate from a specific agency. In that case, neither you nor the receiver of the voucher can spend it anywhere other than the agency that issued it.


Are you searching for a unique, creative present to give the traveller on your list? If so, then take into account the above proliferation of travelling gift cards. They are currently offered by every aspect of the travel business, including lodgings, airlines, tour operators, amusement parks, cruise ships, as well as lodges in national parks.

Nothing compares to the gift of travelling, whether helping with travel expenses, paying for lodging, or enhancing the experience while on location. Simply add money to the card so the client can use it for additional travel. Send a digital coupon to conserve trees or provide a physical card if you'd rather give something packaged.

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